Provide professional website building, for the enterprise comprehensive strength of the strongest studio in Beijing
    About us
The Beijing freedom network, professional website construction and studio, focusing on high quality web design and development, engaged in enterprise website construction, mobile phone website building, and provide a complete solution for the brand image, we insist on his first construction site after the payment of the website construction process, provide good service for many enterprises, advantage.

Years of working experience in website construction to make our technology is more mature, the design effect is more beautiful and practical, let enterprise website to play a greater role.

Why should we choose?
1, we first do a website after the payment, the construction site 100% to meet the needs of customers, if not satisfied without paying a penny.
2, the price is lower than other companies offer low, 30% (just compare re customization development site, not the template program).
3, communicate more directly, our technical staff to communicate with customers directly, avoiding the third communication errors.

Our point of view
1, good service enterprise website for their pursuit direction.
2, make practical and beautiful as a whole website.
3, the heart of the after-sales service, let the enterprise more at ease, peace of mind.
4, we have so many years only focus on the website construction of this business, more professional.

There is a need to please contact our customer service telephone: QQ:59632575 18910403726 010-56216131
 1, first determine the website construction function, cost, cycle and other requirements;
 2, according to customer design and site effect, effect, began construction site procedures;
 3, website construction, to test space, customers browse the web site to determine the completed more than 90% pay half the cost of the website;
 4, the application domain name space (domestic space to submit for the record, 20 working days review time) and modify the website details;
 5, website officially launched operation, no problem customers pay the balance;